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Yiwu global exhibition in China

Dance together with the"criteria" to make the nation's first standardized Profession fair. Since the first global exhibition in China to market standardization components, this season's Yiwu Fair has included several normal components. From the exhibition, you will find"1+1+X" normal exhibition places, specifically, a"benchmark" theme display area"word-made Zhejiang manufacturing" brand motif exhibition region, and X standardization business demonstration exhibition places, aiming to direct quality through standardization. Boost and smooth global commerce through standardization.


Sharing the"platform" can help local businesses to research new foreign markets. In the first government-led, serving neighborhood marketplace operators into the present market-oriented operation and functioning the planet, that the Yibo Fair has ever been considered the cradle of SMEs moving globally. This year's Yibo Fair will serve the continuous development of foreign exchange, encourage enterprises to explore the global market, encourage the conversion and upgrading of overseas exchange, and further foster the function of this popularization platform for both small and medium-sized enterprises to explore the global marketplace. This year's Yiwu Fair encouraged overseas buyers in the states across the"Belt and Road" and also Yiwu marketplace to supply hotspots. For the very first time, they immediately cooperated with several overseas small business associations and professional associations and encouraged Chile, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and Thailand. An international expert procurement team of about 200 individuals from seven countries including India engaged in the summit. At the moment, overseas buyers have attained 2,605 abroad pre-registrations, a massive growth of 39 percent. It's anticipated that the amount of specialist foreign buyers in this year's Yiwu Fair will surpass that of prior decades, creating better conditions for exhibitors' export trades.

Boost"winning" of businesses and encourage the simpler trade of consumer products. As a worldwide platform for everyday consumer goods buyers and manufacturers to showcase commerce, technology exchanges, data release, and other high tech willingness, Yibo Fair constantly promotes market growth and boosts the advertising of bodily enterprises. This season's Yiwu Fair will dig deep to the federal radiation of this display and continue to enhance the degree of precision of investment marketing and the amount of specialty of exhibitions. The percentage of exhibitors out Yiwu of the year's Yiwu Fair has further improved, with over 1,700 foreign firms demonstrating, and the stalls accounted for 75 percent of the entire number of stalls. While accentuating the exhibitors, we'll combine and optimize the design of exhibits from the display place, maximize the subdivision of specialist subdivisions, and place up 14 special zones, together with the very first special luggage compartment and also cross-border e-commerce zone. One of these, the style jewelry region and the luggage area are introduced in the kind of business displays, which will improve the general amount of this business via the style of resource sharing and client sharing.

The seminar, seven national and overseas retailers' procurement specials and high-quality product marketing conferences and other trade and economic supporting actions, further encourage small commodity trade discussions and market exchanges and cooperation between small and small-scale enterprises.

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Yiwu good goods


Zhao Wenge, Chairman of the Restaurant Group, followed Wang Wenxu, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Chen Gang, member of the Party Committee of the State Administration of Markets, and Lin Yi, Secretary of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, along with other delegations visited the"Yiwu Good Goods" exhibition area. Fang Xiaojuan, head of Yiwu China Commodity City Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., reported that the main situation of the"Yiwu Good Goods" exhibition area for the leaders.
The products of the exhibition cover more than 20 big groups and over 1,000 single products. They are some representative products selected from tens of thousands of working products of the Group's key suppliers. According to the principle of"conventional priority", the chosen products have national standards, industry standards or business standards, which satisfy the requirements for direct entry into the supermarket. Most of the"Yiwu Good Goods" exhibitors have their own brands, have their own design and development teams, and execute standardized manufacturing and performance.
We'll take this typical exhibition as an opportunity to gradually cultivate quite a few high quality suppliers and produce lots of well-known brands, hoping to lead greater business entities to participate in the standardization of commodities that are small.

shantou chenghai toys agent yiwu futian market

Yiwu: the city of the market

If you have never been into Yiwu's market in person, it is difficult to understand why this small county-level town in Zhejiang Province has got the reputation of"the first market in China" and"the world capital of small commodities". In Yiwu International Trade City, the five districts are surrounded with the"Factory" and surrounded by the Central Park. They're all connected to each other. If they only adhere to a road in a certain layer of the current market, they will not stop at any merchants and walk through a whole trade town. It takes over 3 km to travel, and it takes almost an hour. In addition, the marketplace has a total of several layers, and every floor has many criss-crossing paths. It's all but an"impossible task" to see. The goods are dazzling, sparkling, and also the individuals of all countries are lively and bustling. At the same time, there are many e-commerce trades which are not visible and are happening at any moment. Who can believe that 40 years ago, it was once without the market; now, the"Iwu miracle" is wonderful.

This rattle was swayed in the palms of Yiwu's traders from the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. They picked the brown sugar of the local specialty products and changed the chicken feathers for each family to form a"refrigerated sugar candies". Do the dice to market the money, the poor will go to the ground to make fertilizer.

At that moment,"Knocking Sugar" found that changing chicken feathers with small commodities was more popular than knocking sugar for chicken feathers. Because of this, in the local market of the Sanli market, many little commodity traders started to be active. At precisely the same time, the same marketplace was established in Xianqian Street and Beimen Street in town. At that time, China's reform and opening had only begun, and the degree of implementation and understanding of policies wasn't the same everywhere. In Yiwu, farmers' commerce in commodities still had to be set in the wrong name of"speculation"

Viewing the people's business needs, the Yiwu government department was still trying to acquiesce to the occurrence of farmers' traders. Farmers who moved to other areas to perform business could visit the Trade and Industry Bureau to deal with the"temporary license for small department stores to exchange sugar for chicken feathers". But if you want to set up a stall in the county, you'll inevitably be prohibited.

The young woman He Haimei endured from such a problem. Her family's income is meager and it is difficult. In 1982, her brother came home from the military to visit relatives and attracted more than a dozen championships. She thought that these postcards would be sold at the entrance of the cinema, and there may be money to earn it! The result was actually sold out promptly. She thought that she'd buy it and promote it. After three times, she made 32 yuan, which had been a big amount of money at the time. She went to market other things. Consequently, she offered nylon socks on the road daily. The county authorities seized the current situation and the goods were confiscated. She stood on the side of the road for quite a while, and afterwards saw Xie Gaohua, who was then secretary of this Yiwu County Party Committee, coming far away. She immediately rushed to stop him and asked him using a high voice"Why not let's do business"

To stop Xie Gaohua, the local farmers who sent the very same questions were not simply He Haimei. Seeing the people's urgent desire to improve their lives through company, Xie Gaohua along with also the county party committee and county government leaders took the probability of coverage and decided to open the small commodity marketplace. At the summit to declare this policy, He Haimei shed tears with enthusiasm.

Relying on the reluctance of the people and the direction, Yiwu hurried for a path to come up with the small product market from the cracks of their policy at that time. Afterwards, he proposed"allowing farmers to conduct business, allowing long-distance trafficking, allowing the opening of urban and rural markets, and allowing several stations " The"four permissible" competitions let the locals to start stressing and open their arms to do business.

At that time, at the city of Yiwu County, the director of the Industrial and Commercial Office called on the retailers to"make help" to do business together, along with the excitement of the people was high. In 1984, the county authorities of Yiwu County proposed the motto: Xingshang County. In September 1986, the third-generation Yiwu Small Commodity Market at Chengzhong Road was finished and started with 4096 stationary stalls and over 1,000 temporary booths. 2 decades after, Yiwu withdrew in the county.

The little commodity market in Chengzhong Road is growing more and more famous throughout the nation, and merchants from all around the world are flocking. On September 3 of the same year, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce approved Yiwu Small Commodity Market as Yiwu China Commodity City. Since then,"China's biggest town" has a good reputation.

In November of the year, the initial large-scale indoor marketplace in Yiwu, that has over 15,000 stalls, opened its market, which is considered to be the fourth-generation sector. In 2002, the initial stage of the newly-built Yiwu International Trade City opened, and a total of five stages are completed. It's become China's present internationalization and the most updated small commodity market. The International Trade City and the Gion Market with the international production materials marketplace opened in 2013, are considered by local people to function as fifth-generation market of Yiwu Small Commodities. As of 2017, the total number of commercial components reached 75,000, and the entire company area exceeded 5.5 million square meters. Rice, the annual turnover reached 122.6 billion yuan.

Yiwu Small Commodity City has been not only China but the whole world. "Assembling the world's biggest supermarket and constructing an global shopping paradise" is not only a neighborhood development theory, but also a reality.

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yiwu Fast

Even though it took just ten years to make the small commodity marketplace the first in China, when the time entered the 21st century, once the wave of e-commerce was just filming, Yiwu people seemed to get no response. They felt that the e-commerce institution had robbed them of the accumulation for several years. The company of a physical shop. "The Yiwu government is awakened at the degree of embracing e-commerce. It's only relatively cautious at the start. At first, Ali came to Yiwu to talk about several cooperations, but they didn't speak about it." But, with the development of the industry, Many benefits like the increase in timeliness and cost reduction caused by e-commerce have slowly emerged. The times produce heroes. From the global financial chaos in 2008, physical business has been hit hard, and at this time the doorway of e-commerce was"can not shut down" The Yiwu authorities took advantage of the trend and started to execute the"e-commerce market for the market." "Beginning in 2013, the Yiwu government made a decision to provide free e-commerce training for 600,000 individuals. At that time, it was a road and a street training course. The advertising was very strong." Wang Hao's colleague and manager of the e-commerce research and teaching section of this faculty Qiu Yang Memories. In reality, Yiwu is the world's biggest distribution center and procurement foundation for small commodities. It has collected over 1.7 million kinds of products for at least 200,000 consumer products manufacturers, and has unparalleled online resources in other places. When the original developed little commodity trade experiences the gold path of e-commerce, combined with the marketing of policies, the advantages are obvious. According to statistics, at present, 70% of the national retail community retailers come from Yiwu market, and the proportion of wholesale network retailers is greater than 80%. At Wang Wei's opinion, e-commerce has brought fundamental changes to the Yiwu little commodity market. Its status has changed in the first"conclusion of bodily business" into the present dominant; the physical stores opened at the Yiwu market have grown power. An endorsement and also a kind of service for the digital sector. The data also demonstrates this point: Considering 2013, Yiwu online transactions have outperformed physical trades in terms of amount. Currently, Yiwu's e-commerce accounts exceeds 278,000, and the city's e-commerce supporting sectors such as photography, generation operation, innovative design, promotion, talent training, and third-party warehousing have achieved agglomeration development. The Yiwu government has created an official"Yiwu buy" e-commerce platform, permitting all retailers in the local physical marketplace to settle in, and providing them with training, technology and other support to achieve full coverage of e-commerce. Additionally, diversified third-party e-commerce platforms have been settled in Yiwu, in addition to Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, there are several more, just Vipshop, Beibei, Gome, Suning, etc., as well as pure mobile Such as the miniature mall and so on. According to the data of Yiwu Business Bureau, the entire number of internet merchant accounts of the major e-commerce platforms exceeded 278,000. The developed international commerce in Yiwu has developed more quickly after the"Belt and Road Initiative" initiative. A Type B bonded logistics center, a cross-border e-commerce public supervision center and a cross-border bonded import e-commerce supervision center have been established. According to data from the Yiwu Public Security Bureau, in 2017, Yiwu has a total of 13,000 overseas friends from 199 countries and areas around the world living and working for a long moment. Many of them have already integrated into the local market. From the sector and streets of Yiwu, people from different nations with different skin colors can be seen everywhere, and a few are drifting back and forth on electric vehicles with Chinese characteristics. Yiwu Market is now an"global business card" in China. On December 4, 2015, President Xi Jinping specifically mentioned at the China-Africa Entrepreneur Conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa:"In Zhejiang Province where I have worked, there is a little town named Yiwu, which will be referred to as the world's'commodity capital'. There are now thousands of African businessmen stationed there to participate in China-Africa trade" After Premier Li Keqiang visited the Yiwu International Trade City on November 20, 2014, he even sighed:"The size of your company isn't large, but the global marketplace is expanding. Even though the geographical location is not unique, logistics leads to Nearly every corner of the planet." "I see now's Yiwu International Trade City is comparable to this Qingming River map of this calendar year, called the modern'Yiwu Shanghe map'!"

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Malaysian PM offers thumbs approximately Zhejiang-published books

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad deals with the introduction ceremony for the Malay version of the "Four Terrific Timeless Stories" of Chinese literature in Beijing on Aug 19.

Malaysian Head Of State Mahathir Mohamad went to an unveiling ceremony for the Malay edition of the "4 Terrific Classic Novels" of Chinese literature in Beijing on Aug 19.

Guides have been released by Zhejiang Posting United Group, one of the leading 50 publishers in the world, in partnership with some Malaysian companies.

Mohamad extremely commended the magazines and also urged Malaysians to read the masterworks in his address at the ceremony, stating these translations can make it possible for people to get more information about Chinese literature and society.

Along with the 4 classic novels, the equated publications additionally included the English as well as Malay versions of Jack Ma's biography as well as an English book concerning Yiwu's small products market, 2 publications including Zhejiang aspects.f:id:yiwubuying:20180827172905j:plain

Zhejiang Posting United Team has been growing collaboration with countries involved in the Belt as well as Roadway Effort recently. Its close ties with Malaysia have resulted in the publication of numerous Chinese publications in the Southeastern Asian country, in addition to the launch of cooperation jobs in between both sides.

To this day, the group's magazines in Malaysia have consisted of books for trainees, kids's stories, a series of publications about China's intangible social heritages and also a detailed publication on tea culture. Additionally, a mobile virtual library collectively established by Zhejiang Publishing United Team and Migu Digital Media Carbon Monoxide Ltd, a subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corp has been used by over 1,000 Chinese schools in Malaysia.

shantou chenghai toys agent yiwu futian market

Shantou toy exports maintain expanding versus the trend



(Reporter Zheng Mengyu) Many thanks to the healing of the European and American markets as well as the "One Belt, One Roadway" approach, Shantou has increased the improvement and also upgrading of the plaything industry because in 2014, which has effectively doubled the development of toy and gift exports. Lately, the reporter gained from Shantou Customs that from January to November in 2014, the city's plaything exports got to 6.65 billion yuan, an increase of 11.9% over the very same duration of the previous year. The development price enhanced by 5.5 percentage factors year-on-year, accounting for 17.7% of the city's total export worth.

Last year, the city's toys were primarily exported by general profession as well as the growth was substantial. From January to November, the export of playthings by general trade was 6.58 billion yuan, a rise of 13.5%, representing 98.9% of the total worth of toy exports throughout the very same duration. The development of capitalisms was more than the whole scenario, with exports reaching 5.87 billion yuan, an increase of 13%, making up 88.3%.

In particular, it deserves stating that the plaything sector in the city has a strong export growth in some major markets, with an apparent rise. From January to November in 2015, Shantou exported 2.45 billion yuan of toys to ASEAN, up 20.7%; exports to South Korea 830 million yuan, up 53.4%; exports to the EU 640 million yuan, up 10.2%.

According to the appropriate person in charge of Shantou Customs, given that last year, many plaything capitalisms in our city have stepped up technical technology, readjusted product framework, accelerated the intro of automatic production equipment as well as robots, continually boosted product production efficiency, far better adapted to market modifications, as well as aided in plaything exports. Rise. At the 118th Canton Fair kept in October in 2014, Shantou developed the "Chenghai Plaything Road" with 35 prominent and also rich youngsters' displays, with the "Net + Globe Plaything Fantasize Factory" as the main body. The mascots are naturally gotten in touch with aspects such as "Net" as well as "Cloud" to supply a varied item experience for specialist toy buyers, attracting a large number of buyers to bargain.

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I remain in Yiwu market


At the start of this year, I bid goodbye to a town in my hometown where I remained for greater than 2 years, and went back to the little asset capital of Yiwu to review life. In this sea loaded with hundreds of tiny assets, I could inadvertently see some good quality and small cost on a daily basis. It is likewise a little product appropriate for living at home, yet it is always a look. After talking with close friends the other day, why not share these enjoyable as well as valuable little assets, if you just require it, you could likewise bring it with each other. Some worth, so I feel that after buying on the market daily, I will certainly take photos of those enjoyable and also fascinating products for everyone to see ^_^

Numerous close friends have actually heard of Yiwu, but the majority of them have actually not been there. I will most likely present the existing environment and attributes of Yiwu.


Yiwu's present economy is extremely created, yet the city's infrastructure is still lagging behind, as well as advancement is extremely unequal. Urban planning is still in the short-term, Yiwu small product market, the name has been completed: tiny commodities. Commodities are winning with cheap labor. When Yiwu little products were simply prominent in the early years, those that concerned Yiwu from other areas would certainly place 10s of countless yuan in cash money on their belts and also conceal them in their t shirts around their stomachs. The money was provided manually. The condition for the first development of Yiwu market was that the details was not equal. It relied on this to accomplish the first-level wholesale, however the Internet has actually removed this details obstacle. Many superb products are made to be iterated in the Yiwu market. Update.


shantou chenghai toys agent yiwu futian market